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Three days went by like that. Bali’s biggest tattoo event was a big success. Our TATTLAS booth had a fun and busy job as the printer station and team TATTLAS rates this expo all five stars. It was well organized and super fun. We can’t express how grateful we are to have been a part of it – Thank you Magic Ink Magz and everyone working their own magic behind the scenes for this one.

The venue was packed inside and out with a seriously fun crowd of tattoo artists from around the world, industry mavens, tattoo supply vendors, tattoo collectors, sticker collectors, cool little kids running around and tons of people who, let’s be honest, just came to party. The vibe was exciting. The food was good. The drinks were strong. The live bands rocked hard. The body art?

Oh right you want to know about the tattoo contests. Here are the results.

Congratulations Bali Tattoo Expo 2018 Contest Winners

Best of Bali Tattoo Expo 2018 - Artist Spendlo

DAY 1 AWARDS Friday 18 May 2018

DAY 1 – Best Tattoo of the Day

Winner: Spendlo Tattoo (International)

Best Tribal / Ornament Tattoos

First place: Endry Dharma, Notorious Ink
Second place: Pukz Bali

Best Oriental Tattoos

First place: Mel Chua, Attitude X Mo Tong Tattoo (International)
Sorry, no photo has been confirmed for this yet.
Second place: Wisnu Molog, Infinity Ink

Best Realist Tattoos

First place: Lolit Made, Bali Tattoo Art Gallery
Second place: Gusk, Damantraz Tattoos

Best American / Neo Traditional Tattoos

First place: Eponk, Tattoo13
Second place: Tattoos by Savin, Familiar Strangers Tattoo (Singapore)

DAY 1 – Top Seven

  1. Oplit – Immortal Tattoo Bali
  2. Jack Brezuela – Workaholinkz
  3. Benk Benk – N.A Tattoo The Brown Baby Benk
  4. Dena Rio – Sabian Ink
  5. Rah KrisNotorius Ink
  6. Santika – Mushroom Ink
  7. Ucok – Luxury Ink

Pole dancer tattoo by Lyra, Bali

DAY 2 AWARDS Saturday 19 May 2018

DAY 2 – Best Tattoo of the Day

Winner: Lyra, Altar Tattoo Bali

Best Blackwork Tattoos

First place: Untung Lucky, Kamikaze Tattoo Studio
Second place: Dexbud for Mason’s Ink

Best Figure Tattoos

First place: Gunk Nanda (Agung Bagus), Buddha Face Tattoo
Second place: Ari Kusuma, Notorious Ink

Best Flora Tattoos

First place: Wisnu Molog, Infinity Ink
Second place: Prim Ferry

Best Fauna Tattoos

First place: Chilli, Radiant Colors
Sorry, no photo has been confirmed.
Second place: Angga, Radiant Colors
Sorry, no photo has been confirmed.

DAY 2 – Top Seven

  1. Opex John – Luxury Ink
  2. Lolit Made – Bali Tattoo Art Gallery 
  3. Benk Benk – N.A. Tattoo The Brown Baby Benk
  4. Nova – M.A. Tattoo Bali
  5. Ucok – Luxury Ink 
  6. Ari – Altar Tattoo Bali
  7. ?

Bali Tattoo Expo 2018 Best of Day 3 - Artist Sutha Lontong

DAY 3 AWARDS Sunday 20 May 2018

DAY 3 – Best Tattoo of the Day

Winner: Sutha Lontong, Urban Tattoo (Java, Indonesia)

Best Small Black and Gray Tattoos

First place: Aga, Sidespace Tattoo (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Sorry, no photo has been confirmed for this yet.
Second place: Lyra, Altar Tattoo Bali

Best Small Color Tattoos

First place: Wisnu Molog, Infitity Ink
Second place: Lolit Made, Bali Tattoo Art Gallery

Best Large Tattoos

First place: Danny Tompel Tattoo, Inked Up Tattoo Parlour
Second place: Iwan Speank Tattoo

DAY 3 – Top Seven

  1. Ucok – Luxury Ink
  2. Kink  – Kink Tattoo Bali   
  3. Gayus – Int Tattoo Bali
  4. Lionk – Luxury Ink 
  5. Ricson Bueta – Inked Up Tattoo Parlour
  6. Marcel – Int Tattoo Bali
  7. Dass ArtThe Ink Parlour

To the award-winning tattoo artists and their crews
Congratulations from TATTLAS! 

Notorious Ink Awards

Photo from Notorious Ink Bali

These are the results of the Tattoo Contest at Bali Tattoo Expo 2018 (tattoos made during the three-day event). Tattoo entries for  preset contest categories were judged by a panel selected by Bali Tattoo Expo. Each day, the winners were announced on stage. Most of these photos were shared by the tattoo artists (thank you). This page gets updated as new information comes to us. If you have missing information or better photos, please hook it up!



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    And, if you want to get a total coverage blackout tattoo in Bali, Ridho in Canggu has dedicated his time to mastering just that.

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