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Tattoo artists in Bali: you need this.

Before, we only knew this BALM TATTOO product for its alluring packaging. There is SO much more to like.

balm tattoo dragons blood butter

What is Dragon’s Blood Butter?

It’s a topical anti-inflammatory skin ointment used for professional tattooing to treat the ‘canvas.’ It is not a numbing cream, but preps and treats the skin in a different way to tone down your skin’s defensive reaction.

  • Keeps skin smooth for precise tattooing
  • Reduces and treats inflammation
  • Lessens pain, bleeding and redness
  • Lowers risk of infection
  • Provides a protective barrier
  • Accelerates healing
  • Helps colors stay vibrant
  • Prevents tattoo ink from blurring or blowing out
  • Keeps tattoos looking good longer

Instead of using petroleum or Vaseline, which only traps moisture and lubricates the skin’s surface, Dragon’s Blood Butter has astringent properties to tighten pores, prevent irritation and reduce redness while a tattoo is in progress and after it’s done. Using Dragon’s Blood Butter while tattooing helps the body heal quickly and best maintain the form of a fresh tattoo without irritation, infection or unwanted changes in appearance later.

What is it made of?

Dragon’s Blood Butter is clinically tested, 100% vegan and certified organic. It contains no parabens, no glycerin, no silicone, phthalates, no mineral oils, no colorants. This tattoo product is made of all natural ingredients known to soothe skin:

  • Aloe vera
  • Coconut oil
  • Rice oil
  • Mango butter
  • Dragon Tree Blood extract

Dragon Tree Blood?

It sounds like the stuff is made in a witch’s cauldron along with some magic frogs and fairy dust. Right, that’s pretty much true.

There are several trees around the world known for producing red resin, or so-called dragon’s blood, all with different alchemy and historical use – you’ll find them in Yemen and Morocco and other parts of the Middle East and Africa.

But it makes most sense that BALM TATTOO gets their Dragon’s Blood from the red sap of the Sangre de Grado trees native to South America. According to Rain-tree.com, this plant has served indigenous tribes of Mexico, Peru and Ecuador as a skin medicine for centuries, and then by European explorers since the 1600’s as well.

The tree sap naturally stops bleeding, accelerates healing and ward offs infection. In South America, it has been used to treat wounds, inflammation, hemorrhaging and as a “general tonic” both internally and externally for its astringent qualities. It’s also believed to work as an anti-vial and anti-bacterial agent.

See? It’s magic.

dragon's blood butter

Now widely distributed in Bali. Ask us where to get yours.

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