What is a tattoo trend?

Tattoo trend: Anything tattoo-related which is popularized quickly or goes “viral” on a local or global scale.

Tattoo trends can be tattoos of a certain thing, an artistic style or colors in fashion, a specific tattoo placement on the body, or making up new words or hashtags. When there’s a new trend, you’ll very suddenly notice whatever it is again and again. And again. That’s our definition anyway.

Bali volcano tattoo

In the balmy beach towns of south and west Bali, showing off some skin is a given. The climate on this idyllic Indonesian island is comfortable beyond compare three-hundred-something days a year.

And with hundreds of tattoo studios welcoming walk-ins, the allure of getting a permanent Bali souvenir is an ever-present and easily-satisfied temptation.

There’s always plenty of fresh ink to see around here and a variety of tattoo art keeps heads turning.

If you’re looking at tattoos in Bali as much as we do, you might enjoy picking up on a few tattoo trends to follow.

The island’s top tattoo trend? TATTLAS!
…Oh, it is!? That was a joke, but wow…

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We’re not actually putting Tattlas on the trendy tatts list unless someone gets a Tattlas logo tattoo.


Three men bear butts to show off matching Bali tattoos from Bali

10. Getting Matching Tattoos in Bali

When holidays call for unmatched fun and making lasting memories together, getting the exact same tattoos is the ticket. But don’t plan this scenario pals. Spontaneity is a thrill.

Bali Agung volcano tattoos

9. Bali Volcano Tattoos Trending Faster and Hotter Than Lava

Latest news of volcanic activity in Bali: an explosion of tourist tattoos. Tattlas takes you to the source. …

Floral sternum tattoo for maren_schue by Tihoksenya Babayaga Tattoo Studio Canggu Bali February 2019

8. Sternum Tattoo Jobs Done in Bali

All in favor of equal rights, bold body art and bras being optional, put your hands up!


Trends are funny because they start out as something fresh, an entirely new look or an old one re-invented, something unusual. When a catchy new trend is born, it’s got to work with what’s already in style perfectly while also being a big surprise.

The most popular Balinese tattoo designs are trends that stayed in style.

Watercolor Barong Tattoo Chestpiece by Fenda at Black Rose Tattoo Bali January 2019

7. Why Barong Masks Are the Best Bali Tattoos

The face of Barong is recognized around the world as an icon of Bali, Indonesia, and it’s a top choice among Balinese spirits for tattoos. …


How do trends start?

On Instagram, there was a time when #canggutattoo wasn’t ‘a thing.’

Now it is. It’s a social media hospitality marketing trend (tool) that goes with the increasing popularity of getting tattoos in the trendy neighborhoods of coastal Canggu, Bali.

red kiss tattoo
Photo: Bali/Australia model @Talleigha

A tattoo design with potential to become a big trend is a beautiful shock of a first sight.

It will make damn near everyone react in the same way. Young or old, sexy or sexist, fashion-forward or frumpy, with however developed a sense of style…

Whoever meets a piece of art or ass at the right moment reacts with human instinct rather than intellect. Something like this:


Does seeing a red lipstick kiss mark as a sexy tattoo instead of an emoji make everyone feel that way?

Yes? Phew, thought it might be just us ladies at TATTLAS.

Careful. That’s the power of timing and projection. No offense to the red-stamped rumps that didn’t make the story cover…

but the owner of this Where’s Waldo tattoo is certainly NOT selling bikinis nor cheeky lil’ red tatts.

6. Cheeky Kisses and Other Red Tattoos Right for Travelers

If you need some love in the form of permanent puckered red lips on your skin and you’re gonna rock the look, we’re here to help you get it right. Let’s do this!


No? Are you sure, that’s not something you desire or admire? This must not be your first look at a modern well-placed bum tattoo. Bare butts and high waisted bikinis are only just beginning to take over Instagram.

How much time has gone by? That red tattoo trend was explosive when we first covered it on Tattlas.com in September 2018. Lipstick kiss tattoos were hot. I wanted one.

I wrote this about desiring a smooch tattoo of my own but cut it because that post is way too long as it is:

“It’s attention-grabbing and appealing to a wide audience, no doubt about it. I love it. It suits her very well. She’s selling it. I totally want it, but wait. Would I still like this if it wasn’t the only one of its kind I’d seen? Would it look as good on me? Would I still want this if I had to wait a year before getting it? Would I be disappointed if it became a trend?

There are no right answers to those questions by the way. It’s just classic tattoo decision torture because trends are unavoidable love ’em or hate ’em.”

Maybe the moment has passed. It did for me. If a trend becomes too popular, it loses its magnetic magic power.

Do you have any big hang-ups when considering a new tattoo?

Trend 5

Trend 4,3,2,1…!

We’re working on it! 🙂


Have you noticed a sneaky tattoo trend around town that’s not on our list?

Publish your opinions in the comment box below or post and tag @tattlas on Instagram!

How many people in Bali are tattooed?

Sorry we don’t have a statistic to share (yet) but it’s a lot. In certain venues and neighborhoods, people with tattoos are easily the majority. Imagine an afternoon scene at a Canggu beach or an evening at a place like Old Mann’s where all adults would be the survey sample. Really who doesn’t have a tattoo? Balinese Ibu Ibu, that’s true.

Think it’s possible that over 50% of the social crowd seen around Badung Regency has at least one tattoo? In our crowd, it’s a solid 100%!

As for party-going tourists who are not tattooed… for how many will that stay true?

The allure of getting a Bali souvenir tattoo is an ever-present and easily-satisfied temptation.

Choose from hundreds of tattoo artists in Bali catering to tattoo tourism.

“Life is short. Get the tattoo.”

Someone will say that.

It really is that simple.

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