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  1. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    Hey there, thanks for checking us out! The art style is the most important consideration. After you narrow down your selection based on that, compare price quotes and consider which environment will be more comfortable for you (bustling, noisy, good distractions but little control vs. somewhere more private, potentially boring, more personal attention to your needs). We’re happy to help you with price quotes and tell you more if you provide more details about the design elements, size and your desired appointment date. Message us on fb or insta or use the contact page to email us. Thanks again!

  2. Kristian

    Hi. I’m planning to get a sleeve tattoo on my arm. Thinking of a cloudy pattern with some realistic looking items. I’ve looked at studios like Luxury Ink, Two Guns tatto and Nototious Ink, among som others. Which studio and which artist to choose?

  3. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    Thanks for sharing! We’re really impressed by Be No Square’s efforts to be an eco-friendly tattoo studio. We aim to make it easier for the Bali tattoo industry to dispose of needles responsibly and have less of a negative impact on our environment. Cheers 😉 Ningsi

  4. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    J&J Tattoo Studio in Umalas changed to Bali Legend Ink

  5. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    Blink and you’ll miss heaps around here! Star Angels Tattoo moved and Bali Maya Tattoo opened in their space. Smokey Tattoo Shop changed into Black and White (BW Tattoo) and La Femme Tattoo House opened nearby on Jl. Batu Belig. Tons of new shops are opening in Bali. Keep your eyes peeled or surf the TATTLAS Bali Tattoo Directory Maps if you don’t wanna miss a thing.

  6. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    Hey Rene! Thanks for the info about tattoo beds. They are a good investment.

    TATTLAS has a black massage table available for a daily rental fee in south-west Bali. If anyone is interested, hit us up.

  7. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    Thanks Ma Tattoo! What is a Karang Goak ??

  8. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    Hey Sebastian, thanks for reaching out about your tattoo design on our forum. The bicep area is not very big – depends how much you go to the gym I guess – so you might need a narrow vertical or horizontal design such as a composition of Barong and Rangda like this one, or a custom fantasy scene. If you’re looking for a Balinese design, you might be inspired by some of the information and designs here: https://tattlas.com/design/balinese-tattoos/

    Then get in touch with a really good Balinese tattoo artist like Ma Tattoo, Made Jet Lee or Paudy – find them and others on this page: https://tattlas.com/portfolio-tag/balinese-tattooists/



    Yes, we would be glad to give a suggestion of our Traditional Balinese ” Karang Goak ” statue, it’s a Balinese ornaments.
    Please visit MA TATTOO BALI for consultation.
    Thank you & Warm Regards

  10. Sebastian

    Hi there, I would like to have suggestions of nice stylish balinese tattoos for my arm or bicep area. Thank you

  11. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    If you’re looking for Don’t Die Naked Tattoo Parlour on Kunti II, DDN is gone and the location looks like this.

  12. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    Jimz Toby Meyer studio on Jl. Legian changed to Toe Cutter Tattoo Studio. The Old English font of the logo kinda looks like Joe Cutter but it’s TOE.

    Lady Rose between Poppies in Kuta, the pretty shop with the Victorian furniture, is completely changed to a new tattoo shop.

  13. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    Belan Tattoo Studio in Sanur closed and the empty tattoo studio is available for rent.
    Belan studio tato di Sanur sudah tutup.. Ruko disewakan.

  14. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    RIP Jim Bim. Rest in Peace dear brother.
    Jim Bim Tattoo, with two locations in Ubud, will re-open under new management.

  15. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    Things change. A lot. Bali tattoo studios which OPENED, CLOSED, CHANGED NAME OR MOVED:

    Al Capone Tattoo Studio in Umalas moved around a bit and was turned into something else.
    Al Capone tattoo in Umalas old location

    Steel Petals, the purple studio on Jl. Legian Kelod, closed. HBSC Tattoo Studio took its place, but had enough class to keep the neon purple TATTOO sign out front.

    Mangkiss Tattoo Ink moved to Seminyak.

    Maluku Manise ‘Tattoo – Jewelry – Piercing’ opened on Jl. Subak Sari near Desa Seni Yoga and then changed their sign to MM TATTOO.

    Lovina Tattoo Gallery re-opened in Kuta after a fire.

  16. TATTLAS Listing Owner

    Belan Tattoo Studio in Sanur is closed. Tattoo shop space is currently empty and available for rent.
    Belan Studio Tato Sanur sudah tutup dan ruko disewakan.

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