Bali is loving tattoos under boobs.

And TATTLAS is right here with you embracing the love. Hold on to your tits because we are about to show you some amazing line work, dot work, mandalas and black and grey flower arrangements that accentuate the natural curves of a woman’s body. Watch out, these will make you go cross-eyed. Even we don’t know where to look.

These go by a few names, like underboob tattoos, cleavage ink and breastbone tattoos, but we made up our own word for this: boob chandeliers. Good one, right? What do you call them? The most popular name seems to be sternum tattoos (hashtag #STERNUMTATTOOS) even though many of these designs put more ink on the stomach and rib cage than between the breasts on the sternum.

Click for enlarged slideshow and hover to see the credits.

All of these tattoos were shared by tattoo artists in Bali, Indonesia. Let’s hope this beauty is timeless and sternum tattoos don’t go out of style like the tramp stamp.

Want to submit your sternum tattoos?

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