Congratulations to Hendro Dewisura, the Bali tattoo artist who was awarded ‘Best Freehand Tattoo’ at the massive Australian Tattoo Expo in Sydney on 12th March 2018. Hendro is well known for making arresting portraits and colossal gray-scale tattoos. He works at Luxury Ink in Bali.

Best Freehand Tattoo

“Wajah terbelah dua cinta sekaligus murka…kadang cinta membawa malapetaka juga ditengah bencana masih ada cinta tuk dicumbui…satu mata bertengger di tengah pusara jiwa…mata ketiga gerbang spiritual menyalakan cakra mahkota…dua wajah bergigi tajam mencuat keluar..barisan giginya seolah batu nisan berlumut tapi tak rapuh…tiga wajah menyeramkan citra trisura mahakudus..

dan satu wajah perempuan sang ibu rahim sumber dari segala warna cinta….”

“Face is split in two love at once wrath … sometimes love bring disaster also amidst the disaster there is still love for spiced … one eye perched in the center of the soul tomb … the third eye of the spiritual gate lights the crown chakra … two sharp-toothed faces sticking out .. the line of his teeth as if the tombstone is mossy but not fragile … three faces creepy image of the most holy trisura ..

“and one female face the mother of the womb the source of all colors of love ….”

Hendro Dewisrua Then & Now

Saat saya masih kecil, bersama bapak dan adik tersayang (pelabuhan bakauheni lampung)…dan saya yang sekarang juga sudah menjadi bapak dan menua…(sidney, Australian Tattoo Expo 2018)Hendro Dewisura Facebook Page

“When I was little, with my dear father and sister (in Bakauheni, Lampung Harbor, Sumatra) … and I am now also a father and aged… (Sydney, Australian Tattoo Expo 2018)”

He has a lot to be proud of.

Here at TATTLAS we are always impressed by Hendro’s undeniable talent for realistic tattoos. He’s a skilled graphic designer and tattooer, executing perfect perspective and dimension  in everything he does.

When we first started TATTLAS, Pak Hendro was one of very few tattoo artists in Bali we could highly recommend for black and grey realistic portraits and realistic animal tattoos. These days we have a larger pool, but do we even need to jump into it?

In addition to portrait designs, dark art subjects are a favorite genre…

If you want a scary scene or realistic sleeve tattoo, you can’t go wrong with Hendro. We’ve followed his art for years and think it’s technically outstanding.

Tattoos by Hendro Dewisura and Ukix Asmirantika
Left: Day 3 Best Freehand Tattoo, March 2018 Australian Tattoo Expo in Sydney | Artist: Hendro Dewisura; Right: Day 2 Tattoo of the Day, September 2017 Australian Tattoo Expo in Perth | Artist: Ukix Asmirantika

All images and videos by Hendro and Luxury Ink.

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