What is the meaning of a rose tattoo?

Love. Romance. Passion. Desire. Friendship. Gratitude. Hope. Despair. Death. Danger. Balance. Beauty.

The number of roses, number of petals on each rose, colors, thorns, art style, placement on the body, and where in the world you get your tattoo can add to the personal meaning of your rose tattoo.

“The Three of Roses represents the flourishing of a relationship, and the blossoming of a creative endeavor.” – The Incidental Tarot

The guys at Tattoo Joy say an old school rose tattoo symbolizes true love.

According to Custom Tattoo Design, a tattoo of a clock face and a rose represents everlasting love.

tiny rose tattoo on wristMaybe you want a tattoo that symbolizes love, but a backpiece of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite is a bit too much for you, so you’re thinking of getting a simple rose outline instead. Maybe you’re a theater actor who loves getting a bouquet of roses at the end of every play, or maybe as a child you loved Beauty and the Beast, or you’re a rose farmer who makes perfume in the south of France? Maybe your grandma loved long stem roses and you need one on your wrist forever, for her.

Or maybe you just like roses because they’re really, really pretty. Therefore, obviously, people with rose tattoos are pretty too.

Whether you’re perfecting your rose tattoo design and placement, or looking for the right tattoo artist, we hope you are inspired by this frequently updated gallery of rose tattoos made in Bali.

Rose Tattoos on Women’s Hips

Tattoos by:

(1) Kenyoz Baliken Art, Two Guns
(2) Ricky Sokay
(3) Adjul, Hundred Brothers Social Club
(4) Babayaga Tattoo Studio

Rose Tattoos on Shoulders

(1) Rose tattoo by Wita, Koko Goldfinger
(2) Dotwork rose on woman’s arm by Casper, Padma Ink
(3) Tattoo of a rose dream catcher shared by Bali Inkreation

Tattoos of Roses with Beads

(1) Bali Bulldog Tattoo Studio
(2) Cover up by Hendro Dewisura, Luxury Ink
(3) Rose with pearls, Bali Rose Tattoo

Very Delicate Rose Tattoos

(1) Setiyo Pramono
(2) Ali Bastardos, Two Guns
(3) Babayaga Tattoo Studio
(4) Fandem Fay
(5) Ucok Tattoo maker, Luxury Ink

Black and Grey Rose Tattoos

(1) Edik, Koko Goldfinger Tattoo
(3) Harbour Ink
(4) Kadek, Gunslingers Tattoo
(5) Gunslingers Tattoo
(6) Roby Tattoo Bali
(7) Money roses tattoo sleeve by Edik, Flash Ink Bali

Colored Rose Tattoos

(1) Purple rose tattoo by Rudi, Gods of Ink
(2) Large red rose flower tattoo, Bali Ant
(3) Neotraditional blue rose tattoo by Ucok, Luxury Ink Bali
(4) Colored rose, Bali Inkreation
(5) Pink roses sleeve, Rosemarrie Tattoo

Old School Rose Tattoos

(1) Rose and sword old school tattoo by Gunz, HBSC
(2) Rose tattoos with thick black and white outlines, Star Angels Tattoo Studio
(3) Old school black ink rose tattoo by Adjul, HBSC
(4) Solid red rose with green leaves on foot by InkArt Bali
(5) Red and black old school rose and woman’s profile by Bali Golden Ink Tattoo
(6) Roses on backs of hands – missing credit (foto siapa ini?)

Tattoos of Clocks and Roses 

(1) Ali Bastardos
(2) Shua Epidemic, Luxury Ink
(3) Prima, MA TATTOO BALI 
(4) Hendro Dewisura, Luxury Ink

Compass Rose Tattoos

(1) Joky Fluke at Luxury Ink Bali
(2) Bali Tribal Tattoo

The Most Realistic Rose Tattoos

(1) Rose and compass by Hendro Dewisura, Luxury Ink
(2) Chest tattoo with peach colored roses and buds by Rudi, Gods of Ink
(3) Dia de los muertos tattoo with rose, Paudy Bali
(4) Realistic grey roses sleeve by Akis Gautama


These pictures of rose tattoos were shared by tattoo artists and studios in Bali, Indonesia. If we have something wrong, please let us know!

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