Want to find the best tattoo artists in Bali?

Of course you do. There are plenty – here you go! 

2017 Bali Tattoo Contest Winners

TATTLAS was a proud sponsor of Magic Ink Tattoo Contest 2017 and you bet we enjoyed every minute of it; playing paparazzi, dancing to lively Indonesian music, waiting patiently through the judging, right up to the end of the night when the winning tattoo artists were finally honored on stage. 


Best of the best - MA TATTOO

2017 Best of the Best: Prima, MA Tattoo Bali



Best Color Tattoo: Mas Bowo

2017 Best Color: Mas Bowo (MB Tattoo) 

2nd place color by homesick tattoo denpasar

2nd place: Yoga, Homesick Tattoo

3rd place color Balinesia tattoo

3rd place: Rinton Ink, Balinesia Tattoo

Alien John Lennon Tattoo by Endry Dharma 4th place color tattoo

4th place: Endry Dharma for Notorious Ink


Best Black and Grey Tattoo

2017 Best Black and Grey: Turah Ink Tattoo 

2nd place black and grey notorious ink

2nd place: Rah Kris (Krisna), Notorious Ink

3rd place black and grey blacky house of ink

3rd place: Blacky Ink, House of Ink



magic ink tattoo contest best blackwork pukz

2017 Best Blackwork: Pukz Tattoo

2nd place blackwork by altar tattoo

2nd place: Chrysantialyra (Lyra), Altar Tattoo Bali

3rd place blackwork dodoyesyou

3rd place: Dodo Yesyou, Rude Boy Tattoo

4th place blackwork ariemartin adi ariesta

4th place: Adi Ariesta (Pilgrim Tattoo)


Hundreds of tattoo art entries at the Magic Ink Tattoo Contest were judged by Bodhi Tattoo Supplies, Marmar Herayukti of Hellmonk Tattoo, Joky Fluke of Luxury Ink Bali and Chris Showstoppr (award-winning Australian tattoo artist).

Contest judges

Hats off to Magic Ink Magazine for organizing another amazing event to showcase Indonesian tattoo artists and their carefully selected panels of judges who recognized some of the most skilled tattoo artists each year. There is not one best artist because we all appreciate (body) art differently. 


Summary of winners over the years

2016 Best of the best : Opex Luxury Ink
2016 Best Flora : Ucok Luxury Ink
2016 Best Fauna : Endry Star Angels 
2016 Best Figure : Gung Bagus Buddha Face
2016 Best Darkside : Ddeth Rosemarie Tattoo

2015 Best of The best : KCX Tattoo
2015 Best Color : Ucok Primech
2015 Best Black n Grey : I loeh Tattoo
2015 Best Fantasy : Wita Koko Goldfinger Tattoo
2015 Best Old School : Opex Primech
2015 Best Realist : Edik Primech
2015 Best Oriental : De Prima Primech

2014 Best Black n Grey : Doddix Tattoo Corner
2014 Best Color : Ardha Get Inked @ Bali Ink

2013 Best Oriental : De Prima Bali Blondy
2013 Best Fantasy Black n Grey : Koko Goldfinger
2013 Best Fantasy Color Series : Koming Chao
2013 Best Old School / New School : Sutha Radjah Skin Design
2013 Best Series Realist : Kink Tattoo Bali

2012 Best Biomechanic : Marmar Hellmonk
2012 Best New School : Koko Goldfinger
2012 Best Darkside : Ricky Two Guns

2011 Best Old School : David Mad Ink
2011 Best Oriental : Adde Sixx
2011 Best Realist Color : Rama Ibud Tattoo
2011 Best Realist Black n Grey : Jvo
2011 Best Suicide : El Kampreto

2010 Best Color : Mangku AS Tattoo
2010 Best Black n Grey : Andre My Liberty

2017 list of winners compiled by Tattlas. Images were shared publicly and are owned by the by artists and studios. To stay in the loop, be sure to follow Magic Ink Indonesian Tattoo Magazine, TATTLAS Bali Tattoo Guide and subscribe to our newsletter.


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