Perth Tattoo Contest Recognizes Bali Artists – Big Time! 

The annual Perth Tattoo Expo just handed out a lot of awards to Bali tattoo artists, including the weekend’s most prized award for the overall winner of the show.  


Bali artists outside Perth Convention Center before the 2018 tattoo expo
Bali crew outside before the event. Almost 300 tattoo artists from around the world attended the September 14-16, 2018 tattoo expo at Perth Convention and Exhibition Center.


About Australian Tattoo Series
Since 2017, Australian Tattoo Expo awards are part of Tattoo Series Awards. Tattoos done at the event can be entered into tattoo contests on the day they were made, and tattoo shows call for submissions of tattoos made previously.

Awards from the contests and shows (including a ‘shittest tattoo show’) give points to the artist, whose cumulative score can win the title of “Tattoo of the Show” or a spot on the podium as a series winner of all Australian Tattoo Expos at the last event of the year, when one gold medal winner receives a big cash prize and a sponsorship deal.

TATTLAS is not affiliated with Australian Tattoo Expos. Read the rules. Official website:

Winners from Bali

These awards are significant achievements, especially for foreign tattoo artists without an opportunity for recognition at this level at home. Their story deserves to be headline news.

Check out the Bali tattoo artists who won awards at this international tattoo contest.  



Best Traditional:


Perth Expo 2018 Best Traditional Tattoo by Guntur Gunz Indonesian Tattoo Artist
Winning piece from Gunz Tattoo – click for VIDEO

Rather than trophies or medals, the Australian Tattoo Expos praised the judges’ favorite artists in each category by giving them painted skateboard decks. Yet to see one carving a bowl, the #austattooexpo boards are intended to be proudly mounted on the wall. 


Gunz Tattoo Wins Best Traditional Tattoo Contest in Perth Australian Tattoo Expo 2018

Congratulations to @gunz_tattoo on taking out Best Traditional last night at @austattooexpo Perth!


We are seriously tired of writing about Guntur for free, but the keeps winning awards and he made us a cool tattooed leather bag, so there’s no denying he and his old school flash art deserve some praise. I met Guntur in Batam, Indonesia at a tattoo show in April 2015 and he was looking for a model for a rooster design that said TIME TO RISE UP. I liked it but it I thought it was too big. Now I regret declining that opportunity. I couldn’t understand the Indonesian accent as well back then and I’m laughing to myself  pretty hard right now because look I saved the pictures wrong as “by Gunto.” Anyway, the point is he won there too. King of consistency.


Best Small Black and Grey:
GOPER INK – Two Guns Tattoo Bali

Goper Ink wins best small black and grey Australian Tattoo Expo winners 2018 tattoo

Congratulations to @goper_ink on taking out best Small Black and Grey last night at @austattooexpo Perth.


Goper’s winning tattoo is on Tom O’Leary.

“I didn’t know my model (who is he?) until the expo. He was a customer of Ricky tnt before. Anyway, he really loves African animals especially the rhino, and he was very excited about his new tattoo. His wife and his children were very happy after we won at the expo. He said many times that he’s excited about his new tattoo and said thank you to me many times — I really love it that my customer is very happy.”

– Goper, Resident tattoo artist at Two Guns Tattoo Bali in Kuta, where you’ll find all the artists come highly-recommended


Best of the Day:
ATA INK – Sabian Ink

Tattoo of the Day Australian Tattoo Expo 2018 Perth ata ink

A HUGE congratulations to on taking out Tattoo of the Day Friday. Blown away by this dudes work!


We’ll come back to this very soon.



Best Neotraditional:
DEDY SUSASTRA – Anchor Tattoo Bali

Perth Expo Best Neotraditional Tattoo by Dedy at Anchor Tattoo Bali
Dedy of Anchor Tattoo Bali wins best neotraditional at Australian Tattoo Expo 2018

Well done 🙂 Best Neo Traditional at @austattooexpo Thanks Full for Alwys surpport us. Atrtis By @dedy_susastra



Tattoo Show
Best Large Color:

Ata Ink Wins Best Large Tattoo at Perth Tattoo Show

Congratulations to on taking out Best Large Colour at last nights Award Series!



Best Freehand:
RICKY TNT – Two Guns Tattoo Bali

Australian Tattoo Expo best freehand by Ricky TNT Perth 2018

Perth Tattoo Expo Best Freehand Tattoo Ricky tnt

Mitch and Ricky TNT

Two Guns Tattoo Bali takes home two awards and posted a good picture, so we should really write something good.

In our experience, this shop has a work hard / play harder dynamic. (Earlier pictures of Ric looking TATTLAS-level goofy-excited didn’t give that away already, did they?) You may be lucky enough to get invited for a drink with the guys at the end of a long day.

Goper Ink, Ric and Ricky TNT of Two Guns Tattoo Studio Bali - Perth, September 2018

Goper Ink, Ric Barnes and Ricky TNT – Perth, 9/2018

Don’t worry, before you’re bare-ass grooving to the beat at Two Guns (yes, a customer did exactly that earlier this month and we were unlucky enough to see it) the super-polite English-speaking customer service guy is sure to offer you some aftercare products, charge your card the right amount and hand it back to you with a receipt and tattoo care tips. After that, Kuta nightlife calls and it’s up to you just how you’ll answer. 


Best Multi-Day AND Tattoo of the Show:

Tattoo of the Show Perth Expo 2018 Australia walks away with Tattoo of the Show at Aus Tattoo Perth, this piece has blown lots of minds this weekend, honored to have you at @austattooexpo ATA! #austattooexpo #tattooexpo


Ata Ink received a total of four awards.


So who IS this guy? 

Just call him Ata. The nickname comes from the beginning of his first and last names. 

If you had never heard of Ata Ink or his Kuta tattoo studio Sabian Ink until now, don’t feel uncool. Believe it or not, Ata says he just started tattooing in 2013. 

Wanna know more? Turns out he’s really funny. Check it out: 

Q&A with ATA


Make Your Next Tattoo a Bali Tattoo

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TATTLAS Bali Tattoo Guide is always available to help you make the plan a reality. 



 Andy Besi wears tattlas t shirt in perth
Andy Besi wears a TATTLAS T-Shirt in Perth


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