Inked up Australian mountain bike racer Sam Hill visited Bali in November 2018 with his wife Bridget and their adorable kids…  

Sam Hill Tattoos from Bali

and got these fierce big cat tattoos!


OK, as a tiny island tattoo blog, we realize most celebrities will need an introduction here (yes, even cool famous Australians with tattoos).

If your vocabulary includes rotary tattoo machine parts and 35 words for shades of red, and searching your brain for cyclists returns but one name and it’s Lance, then here’s another one to remember:

Tattooed Mountain Biker Sam Hill

Sam Hill

is an unbelievably good professional cyclist. He’s an internationally famed UCI Mountain Bike World Champion who started his 20-year award-studded racing career as a teenager in Western Australia.

UCI is the absolute world authority on all things cycling and they run the most elite worldwide competitions for every bicycling discipline.

Sam now races for the Enduro Mountain Bike team.


He’s pretty much always #1.

But this holiday shows he puts family first.

Sam Hills kids at West Coast Ink Bali tattoo studio
Pic of the kiddos at the Bali tattoo shop from their cool mom’s Instagram @mrssamhill__.

Mum and Dad both got tiger tattoos!

Her, then him.


Bridget Hill Tiger Tattoo on Arm from Bali

an arm piece with pastel blossoms around an artistic tiger in motion by Ronald – is designed like an old Japanese painting or storybook illustration.

& His

a pair of jungle cat heads, one on each knee  – looks like it really hurt.

What is the meaning of Sam Hill’s new knee tatts?

Full disclosure, we are publishing this blog post prematurely without exclusive insider details. We don’t know why he got these, but we like them. 

Where did Sam Hill get his knee tattoos?

He dropped into West Coast Ink Bali in Seminyak. 

Convenient, customer-focused and clean, this cushy studio is home to a talented team of artists with a diverse portfolio, making it an obvious good choice for any VIP Athlete of the Year (or anyone else!) seeking new ink in Bali.  

They live up to their slogan: WE WILL MAKE YOU A MASTERPIECE.

Who is Sam Hill’s Bali tattoo artist?

Sam Hill’s jungle cat knee tatts were made at the same time by two Indonesian tattoo artists Pank Tatz and Kecil Ezr at West Coast Ink Bali.

Sam Hill's Tattoo Artists Pank Tatz Kecil Ezr
World Champion Mountain Bike Racer Sam Hill at West Coast Ink Bali with tattoo artists Pank Tatz and Kecil Ezr

<strong>Tattoo Gang Bang</strong>
noun. an event in which two or more artists tattoo the same person simultaneously.

How did he choose his tattoo artists?

Er, again, we don’t know. Although we aim for TATTLAS Bali Tattoo Guide to share unique revealing information, we’re actually totally happy with this celebrity gossip column just as it is.

No matter how this happened exactly, we can’t imagine a better duo for the job! From what we’ve read about Sam Hill (he’s described as introverted, almost shy, and naturally talented although also respected for his accomplishments as a focused and ambitious professional) these two artists are remarkably similar to him. Go figure.

Just before this, the legendary downhill rider was featured by BIKE MAG in a piece called “The Enigma” (meaning: mysterious, hard to understand).


What other tattoos does Sam Hill have?


Bridget and Sam Hill InkedCouple Dec 2017
For more pics of the #inkedcouple, head to the seriously enviable Instagram account of superwoman @mrssamhill__.

Here at TATTLAS Bali Tattoo Guide, we love that there is even gear designed to match his tattoo style.

Sam Hill Nukeproof Bike

“The hand-painted paint job [on the Nukeproof Mega 275c] was inspired by Sam’s shin tattoos and love of the ‘Day of the Dead’ style.”

Sam Hill’s ‘Day of the Dead’ Nukeproof Mega 275c : The world’s fastest enduro bike (
Sam Hill tattoo style bike helmet

“It wasn’t easy to improve upon the class-leading design and function of our D2 helmet, but we made it happen. By integrating next-level safety devices and making functional improvements, we raised the bar for head protection in the genre with our D3.

Riders like Sam Hill, Aaron Gwin, Steve Peat, Brandon Semenuk and Cam Zink refuse to wear anything else when they pedal.

With styles and colors to fit any personality, the only question is: Which one is for you?”

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