Bali Tattoo Artists Among Winners of Perth Tattoo Expo 2017  

More than 30 tattoo artists who work professionally in Bali are making an impression in Perth right now.

Participating in international tattoo expos at this level is not something everyone can do, and so at TATTLAS Bali Tattoo Guide we wholeheartedly applaud all the Balinese and Indonesian artists who’ve “made it.” If you haven’t won yet, keep practicing and try again.

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Award-Winning Bali Tattoo Artists

We’re proud to report several Bali tattoo artists won awards. That’s why we’re writing this blog post, obviously. Promoting Bali tattoo tourism is our business.

Perth Tattoo Expo Winner Best Tattoo of the Day UK Tattoo

A huge congratulations to Ukix of @luxuryinkbali for taking out Tattoo of the Day (Saturday) and earning himself 5 points on the 2017 Australian Tattoo Series Leaderboard! This piece was not entered as a whole, but only the girls face left of the canvas’ sternum. A very clean and very nice black and grey piece that blew our judges away. Tune in for more action tomorrow for the FINAL day of @austattooexpo Perth! Doors open at 10am, grab your tickets online or at the door! Goodnight Perth!

Ukix and the Luxury Ink Bali team are in good company. …

Bali Shadow Tattoo won Best Freehand tattoo for a traditional Balinese Rangda design on Saturday.

Gunz Tattoo of Hundred Brothers Social Club in Legian was recognized for the Best Old School Tattoo – no surprise there – and news updates of more Bali artists with awards from Friday and Saturday’s events are coming in fast.

Winner of the Show: Khail Tattooer

A massive congratulations to @khailtattooer on taking out Tattoo of The Show! Khail and the crew at @youngbloodstattoo completely cleaned out the awards this weekend and put an insane amount of effort into their booth and their work. So hats off to the guys and girls of youngbloods!

Khail Tattoer won Best Multi-Day Tattoo

Winner of Best Multi-Day, @khailtattooer of @youngbloodtattoo , congratulations mate! Perth! Make your way down to the main stage right NOW! We’re about to give away a whole heeeeeap of sh** as we launch the final portion of the Australian Tattoo Series in Perth! We’ll have all of the best tattoos of the day and the weekend competing for the limited @austattooexpo trophies. Doors closing at 6, this is your last chance to be part of the action!

We get it, the two-tone skin shade of that portrait tattoo is rad. According to his personal FB page, Khail Tattooer also won “Tattoo of the Day” on Friday for his Captain America.

About the Australian Tattoo Series

At the #austattooexpos, there are dozens of contests each day, so event attendees can watch the award ceremonies as they take place. Some Friday and Saturday winners are announced early on the organization’s official Facebook page, but it’s not until after the show closes on Sunday that all the awards are published.

This year marks the beginning of a new style of tattoo competition at the shows – Tattoo Series Awards. In addition to individual awards per tattoo piece, each tattoo artwork entered can win points for the artist, whose cumulative score can win the title of “Tattoo of the Show” or a spot on the podium for the whole series of all 5 Australian Tattoo Expos in 2017. At the Melbourne Tattoo Expo in December, one gold medal winner will receive $10,000 and a sponsorship deal – awesome!

It will be hard for any international artist to win the top spot. Before this event, there were no tattoo artists from Bali or Indonesia among the top ranking artists from the previous events, but Ukix Tattoo made the board!

Australian Tattoo Series 2017

The September standings chart and some of this information is taken from the official event website. See the details here: