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Is tattoo removal right for me?

Permanent tattoos can be a expression of who you are,  a reminder of a special time in your life or a tribute to a loved one. Sometimes getting a tattoo is a spur of the moment decision, but more often people get tattoos after spending many hours researching the best artist for the design, trolling Instagram and seeking referrals from friends. Bali is lucky to have a resource like TATTLAS with current portfolios and design galleries to help people save time on research, and save people from getting tattoos they’ll regret.

Simpson's tattoo removal

If your tattoo didn’t turn out as expected or if there’s another reason you want to remove a tattoo, that’s where we come in. Tattoos no longer need to be a permanent thing thanks to laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal isn’t always about erasing a mistake. Your original tattoo might not be as sharp as it once was or lacks some definition where tidying up some lines could make it pop again. In turn, you may be looking for a fresh new design/cover-up where a laser session can target specific areas like dark or bright patches to create a uniform canvas for your artist, or you could just straight up want the tattoo gone.

Whatever the reason you want to remove a part of or your entire tattoo, some unscrupulous people will try to sell you creams or abrasion techniques as a cheap and quick solution, they plainly don’t work. Cover-up tattoos are a solution for some people, but can also make things worse.

There are only two medically proven forms of tattoo removal:

  • Surgery (skin graft)
  • Laser Tattoo Removal

Any surgery possesses inherent risks (as well as being extremely painful), so for most people, laser removal at a professional tattoo removal clinic such as Bali Tattoo Removal is the safest and therefore preferred option.

laser tattoo removal treatment

How does laser tattoo removal work?

So, first things first… Lasers don’t fade your tattoo, lasers break down the ink into tiny particles which your body absorbs and processes. We at Bali Tattoo Removal use the Gold Standard ND:Yag Q-switched laser, harmlessly delivering extremely short pulses of light energy into the treatment area shattering the unwanted ink.

how many tattoo removal sessions

How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo?

This is the first question most people ask us. There is no magic bullet (yet) that removes tattoos in one sitting, although a single treatment will assist for a cover-up, most tattoos require multiple treatments for full removal. Treatment varies with every person and depends the quality of the ink used, your original tattoo artist and your body’s ability to heal.

Once you have your treatment, the best way to accelerate your tattoo removal recovery is to keep any blisters/scabs intact during the healing process, while keeping your body in shape with regular exercise and drinking plenty of water to assist in flushing out any toxins in your body, including the tiny ink particles created in the removal process.

BTR clinic

Is laser tattoo removal safe in Bali?

As tattoo removal experts, Bali Tattoo Removal can provide clinical care during your treatment with us including tropical climate post care. We are not an anti-aging clinic who specialise in winding back the years, or a salon, giving massages and manicures between tattoo removal treatments, turning up the power of hair removal machines that can lead to scarring and permanent damage to the area. In your initial Bali Tattoo Removal consultation, we will address any questions you may have regarding tattoo removal. You can be assured we are a safe and professional clinic to begin, or continue, your tattoo removal journey.

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  1. Jamie

    I’m upset for knocking this excessively old exchange, however I extremely simply need this to be known in the expectations it helps another person as I discovered this looking on Google…

    I required this counsel years, and years, and years ago!!!!!

    I have experienced a laser tattoo removal (in Montreal and California) and I would in no way, shape or form prescribe anybody to do it…

    It has wrecked me FOR LIFE both physically and financially!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t mind HEED MY WARNING!!!!

    On the off chance that you experience the typical laser removal strategies. Which I don’t prescribe, not just that it will leave blemishes on your skin, so as a general rule, the tattoo will even now be somewhat noticeable on the off chance that you realize where to look. It is an extremely long process. What’s more, to be completely forthright, exorbitant.

    I had a connect from a companion, and I have just paid 4000$ for 12 sessions. Which is a ton of cash, yet in the event that I needed to pay the maximum, I would spend in any event 6500$.

    This likewise relies upon where do you live, however as a rule, it is exorbitant. What’s more, it took ages to complete, they have suggested me at max one session for each month. So I have wound up disposing of this tattoo for over 18 months, and to be completely forthright, the tattoo was very little. It was huge as a jar of coke. On the off chance that I had an increasingly enormous tattoo, it would take a more drawn out time and more session, which means more $$$$.

    Laserless tattoo removal is the place it’s at.

    Sadly, at the hour of my tattoo removal, I didn’t know this, I think about this solitary gratitude to my sibling, which purchased this program a year ago.

    This has a couple of aces and few cons. It works, and he had the option to do it without anyone’s help. All things considered, you need to do it without anyone’s help or approach somebody to do it for you.

    It is a long procedure, yet I accept he has spent only a few bucks on this digital book. It is unquestionably path less expensive than any tattoo removal cream I have purchased.

    Also, to what extent it will take to evacuate the tattoo with this technique shifts from individual to individual, their age and their skin. My sibling disposed of his tattoo with in four months, I accept, and his tattoo was in any event twice as large mine seemed to be.

    I don’t know, in the event that he should plan something for treat it consistently, I would need to call him about it, however hello it works and out of these alternatives it is the least expensive one and yes you may invest more energy in this than on laser removal, yet your tattoo will be gone sooner than if you would go with the laser removal choice.

    To be completely forthright, I don’t have the foggiest idea about that numerous things about this, yet I simply did a brisk google search and here is an incredible review of it:

    As far as anyone is concerned, this is the main 100% common alternative over here in 2019 to dispose of your tattoos.

    I truly trust this enables somebody to out there.

    Good karma!


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