The face of Barong is recognized around the world as an icon of Bali, Indonesia, and it’s a top choice among Balinese spirits for tattoos.

Believe it or not, tattooing only became popular here with the rise of tourism after the 1960’s. Barong tattoos are not an ancient art. However, Barong tattoo designs are based on depictions of the mythological creature in traditional Balinese paintings, stone carvings and wooden masks.

Barong Tattoos

(1) Barong mask tattoo shared by Two Guns Tattoo Bali
(2) Barong tattoo with filigree and frangipani flowers by Rai Tattoo, Ibud Tattoo
(3) Barong tattoo with a skull by Yuda Ink, HBSC
(4) Barong by Restu Fluke, Luxury Ink
(5) Tattoo by Ipin La’tattu, Indigo Tattoo Parlour
(6) Barong tattoo by Gede Sony, Mason’s Ink Kuta
(7) Artistic Barong tattoo by Black Tattoo Bali, Artful Ink Tattoo Studio
(8) Watercolor Barong tattoo by Imagination Tattoo Bali
(9) Colorful old school style Barong tattoo by Adjul Putra Dharma, HBSC
(10) Traditional Barong mask on calf by Ukix Tattoo
(11) Dark demon-like Barong tattoo on shoulder by Hendro Dewisura
(12) Barong hand tattoo by Imagination Tattoo Bali 
(13) Barong with a goatee by Endry Dharma, (formerly at) Star Angels
(14) Balinese Barong chest piece tattoo (probably done by Pa’Udy Bali), Paradise Ink
(15) Barong arm piece shared by Dona Wayan, Rajah Tattoo Bali
(16) Barong arm band by Conscious Arts Tattoo
(17) Line tattoo by Nice Art Tattoo
(18) Microdermal piercings by Ziljhanbr on a cartoon barong tattoo
(19) Barong shared by Tattoo Hut
(20) Barong tattoo by Eka Lelong
(21) Barong tattoo by Doddix at Luxury Ink Bali
(22) Wooden Barong mask by Ipin La’tattu at Indigo
(23) Finger tattoo by Ipin La’tattu at Indigo
(24) Barong tattoo by master Balinese tattoo artist Pa’Udy Bali
(25 and 26) Tattoos by Suryawan, shared by Bali Star Ink

What is the meaning of a Balinese Barong tattoo?

Safety, health and good luck.

Barong is Bali’s guardian spirit.

In Bali, hand-carved Barong masks made from local wood are worn ceremonially by dancers for a traditional performance about the balance of good and evil. Knock-off masks are a prevailing Bali souvenir, said to bring safety and good fortune.  Barong dance performances

Barong is famously known as the good guy, and his counterpart is Rangda, an evil witch spirit with fangs and a long tongue. The elderly widow is the queen of the Leyaks (demonical cannibalistic flying heads). In some parts of Bali, she is also seen as a protector. Two versions of the story

According to the Encylopedia Britannica, Barong represents health and good fortune. Their information on Balinese mythology is backed by research for numerous volumes on Southeast Asian arts, packed with lesser-known gems of wisdom, like…

Where does a Barong keep their magic?

“From the figure’s mask hangs a beard of human hair decorated with frangipani flowers, in which the magic power of Barong is thought to reside.”  Read more

Photo Credits:
(1) Barong and Rangda dancers, shared on Instagram by Ahmed Al Ali
(2) Barong and Randga painting by Wayan Kantor shared on Pinterest
(3) Wooden Balinese mask, photo from Elite Havens’ Bali Souvenirs blog

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