Sacred Mt. Agung in east Bali, Indonesia is a hot topic around the world.

Bali’s highest peak erupted in 1963 with devastating outcomes. The island’s famous Balinese Hindu temple Pura Besakih, “the Mother Temple” (which is actually seven temples nestled into the foothills of the volcano) was almost entirely spared from the lava which flowed all around it. #Blessed.

In 2017, the majestic mountain came to life again with a months-long show of steam and smoke.  This time, we had advance warning, and everyone observed the volcano’s activity from a very far away safe distance in Bali as well as via media outlets worldwide.

Will there be a big eruption? No one knows, but this event has already caused an explosion of related tourist tattoos.

Bali Volcano Tattoos

Bali volcano tattoo by Happy TattooMT. AGUNG // Pray for Bali
Happy Tattoo – Canggu

Bali volcano tattoo by Happy TattooHappy Tattoo – Canggu

Bali volcano tattoo by Meth til blindMeth till Blind – Canggu

Bali volcano tattoo by Babayaga TattooBabayaga Tattoo – Canggu

volcano tattoo by rudist marmarRudist Marmar

Bali volcano tattoo by Nice Art TattooNice Art TattooDream Ink – Canggu

Mt Agung Volcano Tattoo by WK Tattoos SeminyakWK Tattoo – Seminyak

Bali volcano tattoo by Smokey“Just for remind he stuck in the paradise because of the volcano”
Ryan Berti – Smokey Tattoo – Seminyak

Bali volcano tattoo by Namaste Tattoo UbudNamaste Tattoo – Ubud

Bali volcano tattoo by Namaste Tattoo UbudNamaste Tattoo – Ubud

Mt Agung by Ipinlatattu“Inspired by Agung mountain eruption and you have to cancel your flight but you still can play on loud and enjoyed Bali.”
Ipin Latattu

Bali volcano tattoo by VAER“I’m in Bali now, and if you didn’t know yet ‘Agung’ is waking up – someone in panic, someone chill and someone getting their ‘Agungtattoo'”
Vaer Tattoo Artist

olcano diamond shaped tattoos by LadV Bali Be No SquareSuper-cute sisterhood stamps
LadVBe No Square – Kerobokan

Line and dotwork volcano tattoos by bachtz BaliMatchy-matchy newlywed tattoos
Bachtz Tattoo

Geometric volcano Agung by Warsa Tattoo UbudEven though Bali’s volcanos don’t spit diamonds like Kimberlite eruptions, the diamond shape is obviously associated with volcanoes. It’s a popular design theme for Mt. Agung tattoos all over the island.
Warsa Tattoo Ubud

Bali volcano tattoo by Ebie TattooerEbie Tattooer – Bold and Bright – Canggu

Old School Island Volcano Tattoo by July ArthayaJuly Arthaya – Bold and Bright – Canggu

bali tattoo volcano by gunz tattooMt. Agung old school volcano with a palm tree
Gunz – HBSC – Legian

Volcano color tattoo by Adjul HBSC BaliMt. Agung artsy volcano tattoo
Adjul – HBSC – Legian

Bali volcano tattoo by Indigo Tattoo Parlour“There’s only one thing to do when you’re stuck in Bali from the Mt. Agung eruption and that’s getting the best souvenir.”
Akis for Tatts – Indigo Tattoo Parlour  – Seminyak

Agung Volcano in color by Warsa tattoo UbudMt Agung in glorious color
Warsa Tattoo Ubud

Agung volcano and temple tattoo by Yuda HBSC BaliTemple view of Mt. Agung
Yuda – HBSC – Seminyak

Bali volcano tattoo by Dillon TattooDillon Tattoo Art – Amed

Bali Turtle with Islands Tattoo BACHTZ TATTOO

A Traveling turtle is a memoir of his adventure runing around 5 continents for almost 2 years in a row together with his strong, lovely and beautiful girlfriend. This turtle contains things thats matter for him along his journey. Perhaps you will noticed, those pattern on the turtle feets and hands are all his favs islands; Hawaii, Galapagos, Japan and Indonesia off course”
Bachtz Tattoo

Bali postcard by Ipin LatattuIpin Latattu

Mount Batur TattooMount Batur Bali handpoke tattoo
LadVBe No Square – Kerobokan


and there are more Gunung Agung Tattoos still to come

Bali volcano tattoo design by Nasty Line “The universe is teaching you a lesson”
Nasty Line Ink – Bali

Bali volcano tattoo design by Steel Ink“Hit me up!”
Steel Ink – Canggu


Is it safe to travel to Bali?

At the time of this original post, it was safe to fly to and from Bali and enjoy the island’s beaches and tourist culture; Mt. Agung and Mt. Batur trekking excluded… The Bali International Airport was open, but IF a major eruption occurs, flight schedules are likely to be impacted and airports in this archipelago may temporarily shut down for everyone’s safety.

bali volcano eruption photo by dillon tattoo

December 2017 Mt. Agung eruption photo shared by Dillon Tattoo Art – Amed

Ready to join the Mt. Agung Tattoo Club? Membership is limited to only the coolest of cats.


All of these images were shared publicly and are owned by the tattoo artists who made them. Collection curated by TATTLAS Bali Tattoo Guide. Last update: 28 MAR 2018

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