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Tattoo of the Day – Thailand Tattoo Expo winner

Balinese tattoo artist and owner of MA TATTOO BALI, Prima goes out of his way to participate in as many local Bali and international tattoo events as possible. No surprise, he wins a lot. He was recently named Bali’s best tattoo artist at a Magic Ink Contest.

Thailand tattoo expo winner Sunday best tattoo

Sunday, 2nd Place

Prima is dedicated to originality, always making a custom design, safe tattooing practices and honing his skills. He can tattoo realistic designs, fantasy and traditional tattoos, watercolor style, whatever, really, and he tends to include some signature swirls. 


Bali tattoo artists in Bangkok
Photo from Eponk.

Wherever he goes, he’s professional and ends up getting a new sponsor. Then suddenly he’s  surrounded by friends and beer. Work hard play hard, right? Love this business, I say! 

We went with Prima and Lokub La Tattuu to the Golden State Tattoo Expo in Los Angeles, California in January. Sad story, Ma’s tattoo model somehow missed the judging. We’ll uncover that event footage for you soon. Many tattoo collectors in The States weren’t familiar with Balinese art and culture, so his service to the Bali tattoo community is immeasurable.

Hats off to you, Ma!



Prima was in good company on the awards stage (second from left), standing between his canvas (far left) and Indonesian subculture icon Prim Ferry (right), who proudly holds the award certificate and wears the third place tattoo of the day; a freehand design by Balinese tattooer Gede Shotonk (far right).


Sunday, 3rd place

SHOTONK TATTOO is also a go-to tattoo studio for authentic original Balinese tattoo designs.

Congratulations again to the winners from Bali, Prima and Shotonk, and all the participants as well as the event organizers for a successful weekend. 

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