Who won awards at the Melbourne Tattoo Expo December 2017?


At the weekend-long #austattooexpos, daily tattoo contests are judged on the spot, and a group of  show winners is announced at the end of the event on Sunday. News of winners gets out early through personal leaks and some official announcements on the event’s Facebook page:

Who won the Australian Tattoo Series?

The Melbourne Tattoo Expo was the final show of 5 Australian tattoo events this year, for which Khalil Aitken is the overall series winner.

Australian Tattoo Series

@austattooexpo:: An absolutely massive congratulations to @khailtattooer of @youngbloodstattoo on finishing up the year on top in the 2017 Australian Tattoo Series taking home $10,000, with @jacksonmay_tattooist finishing in 2nd place and @andrewsmithtattoo taking out a very close 3rd. The competition got extremely fierce and it’s safe to say that all 3 of these boys have blown us away after each round, piece after piece, and we couldn’t be more stoked on the achievements and commitments of these three legends. Thank you to every artist that entered and won their respective categories, it’s always a pleasure seeing your work on the main stage appreciated by the masses. Stay tuned for information on the 2018 Australian Tattoo Series, it’s going to be a beauty! #austattooexpo #ritesofpassage#ritesofpassagefestival #tattooexpo #tattoo#tatsup #inkedmag #eternalink

What about award-winning Bali tattoo artists?

Several Bali tattoo artists attended the event including Adix Tattoo, Andre Cahya and Ucok Tattoomaker of Luxury Ink, Daviq Satar, Fandem Fay, Idri Alkaf of Swordsman Tattoo, Tattoos by Savin and Noenoe Shadow of Lovina Tattoo Gallery.

Attending an international tattoo event of this caliber is not really about chasing an award – it’s a chance to connect with the tattoo community, be inspired, share and learn. Some of the artists don’t care about winning whatsoever, and take the opportunity to try a completely new art style or make heap$ of small flash tattoos for new customers. Go figure.

Bali tattoo artists win a lot of awards at the Australia expos every year. At the recent Perth expo in September, Bali tattoo artist Ukix Tattoo won Tattoo of the Day on Saturday and made the series board! This chart has not been updated yet following the final event. MORE AWARD WINNING BALI TATTOO ARTISTS 

Australian Tattoo Series 2017

This graphic is taken from the official event website and will be updated soon. See the details here: http://www.tattooexpo.com.au/tattoo-series/


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  1. Allen Tremblay

    Great post indeed! The tattoo artists should be encouraged with such contests so that they get the opportunity to show their talent and win the prizes. Melbourne should arrange such contests every year for the tattoo artists and tattoo lovers.

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