You know what we mean, right? Like, folklore. Fables. Moral teachings and invaluable cultural wisdom kept sacred by older generations and made into unbelievable stories and songs about magic and heroes which enchant children, inspire greatness and give warnings.

Do you know Si Kancil the trickster? Or the monster Buto Ijo? How about the story of Shallot and Garlic, Bawang Merah Bawang Putih? It’s safe to say Indonesia’s most well-known folktale figures would be unheard of and unrecognized by the majority in a global survey.

Symbolism in Indonesia


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Characteristics of Indonesian Art

Elements of Iconic Indonesian Design

What makes something “Indonesian art?”

Indonesian Tales and Wayang Puppet Theatre

Indonesian folklore is full of figures.

Indonesian Tattoos

Dewa Tattoos

In Indonesian, Dewa means God. Hinduism has three manifestations of the supreme being; Brahma the creator, Vishnu (or Wisnu) the preserver and Shiva (or Ciwa) the destroyer. These three are substantial material for a large tattoo. Add their avatars like Lord Krisna, their partners like Goddess Lakshmi and other dieties… BAM you have a very impressive detailed piece!

Acintya (or Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa) is the almighty God in Balinese Hinduism, representing origin and emptiness, usually shown in human form seated in a lotus flower throne or surrounded by flames.

Dewa Krisna by Blur Tattoo

Balinese backpiece by Warsa Tattoo

Wayang Tattoos

Wayang in Indonesian refers to all deities. Indonesia has a centuries-old theater tradition employing shadow box puppets called wayang puppets or Batara Batari, Javanese words for god and goddess.

In Bali, you’ll likely see the souvenir version of these ornate two-dimensional puppets for sale. The figures have iconic silhouettes with intricate cut-out spaces to show faces and clothing with characteristically Indonesian patterns. Sticks attached to the base and hinged arms are used for movement.

“Inspired by Dewi Sri Shadow Puppet from Java”

Designed and inked by Ade Itameda, co-owner and resident artist at SEKALA369  in Umalas, Bali

Far left: artist unknown

Left: by LadyVTattoos

Right: shared by Aussie Rules Tattoo (artist Dex Wik?)

Far right: DimasPraja


Lotus Tattoos

Lotus flowers appear frequently in Hindu and Buddhist art as a thing of beauty and purity alongside deities. The progression of a lotus flower growing from a closed bud to an open flower can be likened to a person’s life or their journey to enlightenment. Some mandalas are based on the shape of the lotus.

Tattoos by: (1) Black and gray lotus tattoo, Agus Ikioi Tattoo Hut (2) Bright pink lotus tattoo with Balinese writing, Bali Bagus Tattoo 99 (3) Green and red lotus tattoo, Ableh Bali Taksu Tattoo


Panca Pandawa Tattoos


by Marmar Heryakuti - Hellmonk Tattoo

Marmar Heryakuti, Hellmonk Tattoo – Denpasar, Bali

“Bima/Bimasena adalah putra Kunti, dia ada di urutan kedua (Made) dalam Panca Pandawa.”
Bima/Bimasena is Kunti’s son, he is second (Made) in Panca Pandawa.


Traditional Indonesian Tattooing

Hends Dyak


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