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#Tattlas2 Video From Ink Master C.R.O.

Reality TV star Cleen Rock One is notoriously opinionated and unfiltered. His winning tattooing style is defined by good linework, saturated colors and originality. What was the first tattoo he got? Which of his head-to-toe tatts hurt most? Only on Tattlas Bali Tattoo Guide, watch this video of the celeb now.

Ink Master Cleen Rock One’s #tattlas2 Video for Draw Ink Tattoo Bali, December 2019
Tattlas Video
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Cleen Rock One

Rising to fame as a contestant on Paramount’s television series INK MASTER from 2014 to 2018, American tattoo artist Cleen Rock One won Ink Master season 11. Now an international pop culture icon, he owns three tattoo studios in Las Vegas, Nevada, and still works as a tattoo artist. Winning $100K is epic, but that amount of USD just ain’t what it used to be.

Color tattoos are Cleen’s domain with neotraditional designs being the focus of his lifelong career in tattooing. At the age of 18, Cleen Rock One started designing tattoos based on what he learned in art classes in school and from doing graffiti. Street art, which is about showing edgy attitude as much as it is about visually calling attention with size, color and shape, continued to influence Cleen’s evolving tattoo style. On Ink Master, strong character and technical skill were often credited for helping his work stand out.

Photo of Cleen Rock One

We think Cleen’s personality matches his dope AF tattoo art. Entertaining as Hell on TV, the guy has grit.

We’re happy that works for him and we are so thankful he agreed to make a funny video for us!

Um, one tiny issue. We really wanted to see the elephant tattoo and hear more about that (right?!) … so, here it is.

Cleen Rock One’s first tattoo is the little blue elephant on his right wrist. He got it when he was 16 years old and started tattooing soon after.


Why did Cleen Rock One send us a video?

It was peak holiday season and we were about to launch one of our Tattlas Giveaways. This one:

Our December 2019 giveaway, sponsored by DRAW INK TATTOO BALI & JULIE PANTHER COLLECTIVE with bonus prizes from Motel Mexicola and Da Maria Bali…

We wanted to integrate posts for the Lucky Draw on our Instagram feed with other topics that were also fresh and impressive without competing against any of the brands we were promoting. That’s what sparked the desire for an Ink Master video.

But tattoo celebrity shoutouts aren’t exactly something you can buy anytime off a flash sheet. So we asked Cleen to do the video. We gave him full artistic license and he gave us a steal of a deal.

We couldn’t have asked for anything better! Well, except maybe if Santa himself had come to us for a Bali tattoo. Seriously though, if you know anyone in Bali who would be a cool inkedup Santa Claus for us this Christmas season, we’d appreciate an intro. We are always open to finding new collaborative influencers and Tattlas ambassadors. To send a suggestion or learn about our marketing and advertising offers, contact us here.

Thanks Again, Team Cleen

We ‘meen’ it. Thank you! If you ever want to see an eastern extreme side of #inkedlife, you’ll always be welcome here in Bali.

What does #tattlas2 mean?

Basically, interviews with Tattlas always begin with (or are entirely) the same questions — the “Tattlas Two.”


1. What’s the story of your first tattoo?

2. Which spot hurt the most to get tattooed?

We haven’t always called attention to this very well, but we love #tattlas2 interviews! The concept has been part of Tattlas Bali Tattoo Guide since our early days.


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