Mermaids have always been cool, sexy and mysterious.

They weren’t cool for a while! Now mermaids are a hot trend.


And if you’re in Bali, Indonesia, this might be completely in your face. So what if the Bali phase of Mermaid Mania came to fruition months after the rest of the world’s mermaid obsession? That’s just how it goes on island time. Santai (Relax). Enjoy it!

Here in beautiful Bali, mermaiding is a real thing, there are mermaids all over Kuta’s nightlife flyers and there’s even a mermaid restaurant in Canggu.

At TATTLAS Bali Tattoo Guide, we’re mostly paying attention to the tattoo part of this ‘tail.’ Carefully collected like sea shells, we finally have pictures of enough locally-made mermaid tattoos to share them with you here.

This trend made us dive in really deep! We’ve included not only Bali tattoos but mermaid art of different mediums found around the archipelago plus flash sheets, coloring sheets, siren illustrations from old world stories and Indonesia’s own mermaid tales.


Old and new school mermaid tattoos, watercolor mermaid designs, smiley redheads, evil dark mermaids, Indonesian tato putri duyung and more…


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Hey, Sailor!

How tempted are you by these American traditional tattoo mermaid designs? All inked by class-act Bali tattoo artists, this is just the beginning…

mermaid pinup tattoo by Chain Electric Tattoo HBSC Bali
Black old school pinup mermaid tattoo

Artist: Chain Electric Tattoo | Studio: HBSC Bali

4 traditional mermaids by Gunz Tattoo, old school tattoo enthusiast and resident artist at Golden Yellow Tattoo in Kerobokan.

Disclaimer: these mermaids were made pre-2019 at Hundred Brothers Social Club in Legian, Bali.

These black ink trad. tattoos of shy topless mermaids were done by July Arthaya. His talents are available at the name-says-it-all tattoo shop Bold and Bright Tattoo Parlour on the shortcut road in Canggu, Bali.

The name suggests it’s a good place to go for traditional tattoos obviously you know because “bold and bright” is how tattoo legends Sailor Jerry and Ed Hardy described their artworks.


All aboard!

We know just where to send you if you’re looking for an Americana tattoo in Bali or a more modern mermaid.

Neotrad mermaid by Yadriart
Watchful neotrad mermaid with thick lines, a lighthouse and a rising moon

Artist: Yadriart | Studio: Rose Tattoo Studio Bali

What makes these <em>neo</em>-traditional tattoos and not traditional tattoo designs?
We know, but do you?

Show off your expertise in the comments section and we’ll reward you next time we update this post.

Neo-traditional sailing ship tattoo with an eagle and twin mermaids, Jan 2018
Neo-traditional sailing ship tattoo with an eagle and twin mermaids, Jan 2018

Artist: Gede Sony | Studio: Mason’s Ink

Mermaid tattoo by Inkart_Bali

Neotrad tattooed mermaid

Shared by: Ink Art Bali

Mermaid tattoo by Ucok, Luxury Ink Bali
“Hold fast” sailor mermaid tattoo with thin lines and traditional colors by Ucok

Ucok (pronounced “Ooh-chock”) is known for his technical skill with colors between clean lines thick or thin. He’s a resident tattooist at Luxury Ink Bali on Padma Street in Kuta.

Neotrad Purple Bali Mermaid Tattoo by Ricky TNT Jan 2019

We need to give this “self care” piece a shoutout for at least two reasons:

1) the hot pink starfish pasties are seriously stylish and 2) exceptional color and composition. Choosing orange and purple as main colors can sometimes make a tattoo look tacky or unintentionally sporty, yet here the contrast pair is balanced and supported by a well-chosen modern palette.

Neo-trad redhead pinup

Artist: Ricky TNT | Studio: Two Guns Tattoo Bali

Experienced with making color tattoos of all styles, these aren’t the only tattoos by Ucok and Ricky featured in this blog post.


Pick a color.

Which crazy, sexy, cool Bali mermaid tattoo are you? Choose from girly cartoony mer-babes with new school style, colored hair and iridescent tails or mermaid tattoo designs from a tattoo art category completely made for mermaids: watercolor.

Purple-haired cartoon mermaid tattoo for Renee

Artist: Agung Blondy

Mermaid and moon color thigh tattoo
“Mermaid in the moon” color thigh tattoo, Sept 2018

Artist: Chandra | Studio: Celebrity Ink Bali

Bali mermaid tattoo by Jhon Kidal
Colorful Bali mermaid tattoo

Artist: Jhon Kidal

neotrad mermaid tattoo
Gap filler neotrad mermaid tattoo done in Bali, June 2020

Artist: Ucok | Studio: Luxury Ink Bali

Green gypsy mermaid tattoo by Two Guns Tattoo Bali 2016
Green gypsy fortune teller mermaid tattoo, 2016

Artist: Ricky TNT | Studio: Two Guns Tattoo Bali

Elvish mermaid tattoo RickyTNT
Elvish redhead mermaid tattoo with turquoise watercolor tail, 2016

Artist: Ricky TNT | Studio: Two Guns Tattoo Bali

Watercolor mermaid tattoo
Earth-tone mermaid watercolor tattoo with seahorse

Studio: Yan Tino Tattoo in Ubud

Mermaid watercolor tattoo by Bimz Gardenink
Neon mermaid side tattoo in an oval frame

Artist: Bimz Gardenink | Studio: Star Angels Tattoo Bali

Watercolor mermaid tattoo by Eka Lelong 2015 Paradise Ink
Artsy watercolor mermaid torso tattoo, 2015

Artist: Eka Lelong | Studio: Paradise Ink

Where are the Ariel tattoos?

In 1989, Ariel became a world-famous phenomenon with the release of Disney’s animated film The Little Mermaid.

In 2020, Ariel got her own gallery on the Tattlas blog…

“And then there is the youngest in her musical TATTOO debut… She’s our sister, Ariel!”

Mermaid Tattoo Inspo

Balinese mermaids wood carving

If these tattoos from Bali don’t inspire you, then you might want to look at other mermaid art in Bali and beyond for more mermaid tattoo ideas.

Take these hand-carved wooden mermaids with pink tails for examples. Internationally recognized as a way to show gratitude or pray, this hand gesture is also a welcoming pose in Balinese culture.

What do mermaid tattoos symbolize?

Where did mermaids come from? Are they real? Who’s responsible for introducing mermaids to pop culture?

Since we don’t know the answers, here are some earlier mermaid art references as clues.

Historically, mermaids were not trustworthy damsels.

Before they were made into pin-up art in Hawaii (and Bali), before they were bubbly cartoon characters, sirens of the sea symbolized danger and deceit. Skip to the end for more on Indonesian mermaid folklore.


Beware: Sirens.

If a mermaid is stuck in a jar or cut up into pieces, it’s happened for good reason.

If she says she doesn’t speak your language mon chérie, trap her before she traps you.

Tatouage de sirène avec Gayus Bali
Tatouage de sirène, 2018

Artist: Gayus | Studio: Altar Tattoo Bali

Realistic mermaid tattoo by artem artful ink seminyak tattoo
Realistic tattoo of a seated mermaid clenching a skull

Artist: Artem | Studio: Artful Ink – Seminyak, Bali

mermaid tattoo by ali at flash ink bali
Sassy black neo-traditional mermaid with dagger

Artist: Ali Bastardos – Canggu, Bali

Swimming mermaid tattoo by Dwe'x Urusai Canggu Bali
Swimming mermaid and sea turtle tattoo

Artist: Dwe’x | Urusai Ink – Canggu, Bali

Mermaid tattoo with shell bra by Andre Tattooer The Tattoo Room Canggu
Sexy mermaid arm tattoo

Artist: Andre Tattooer | Studio: The Tattoo Room Canggu

Mermaid by ibu tattoo ubud
Arm tattoo of a topless mermaid flipping her hair

Studio: Ibu Tattoo – Ubud, Bali

Whale and mermaid tattoo by genyol at big rock tattoo sanur
Whale and mermaid tattoo

Artist: Genyol | Studio: Big Rock Tattoo Sanur

Mermaid sleeve by novacuztom_tattoo Kuta Bali
Mermaid and sea turtle sleeve

Artist: Novacuztom Tattoo – Kuta, Bali

Two mermaids Bali tattoo by Ipin 2016
Two Bali mermaids made for Aimée in 2016

Artist: Ipin Latattu – Canggu, Bali

Double trouble. Alluring temptresses, all mer-people tease with good looks and some are downright evil. They can also be muses.


Straight off the pages of a fairy tale.

Bali Mermaid tattoo sleeve by Pank
King Trident or Poseidon calf sleeve

Artist: Pank Tatz – Seminyak, Bali

Now these mermaid designs remind us of old-fashioned illustrations from a storybook we could read again and again.

One cohesive collection of classic mermaid tattoos, it could only be the work of one artist. And that it is, although he does have several names.

For mermaids just like those seek out “Sod the Dog” at Duē Hatuē private studio in Canggu, Bali. His identical twin brother tattoos there too, and the next pieces are his…

original indonesian tattoo by fuu.ttt
Tattoos inspired by traditional Indonesian art

Tattoo Artist: Foad | Studio: Duē Hatuē

Wait. Is she actually a mermaid on the left or do we see the tip of a SHOE near the bottom? Well, this next one is certainly a fish-tailed woman…

Topless mermaid tattoo with batik tail by Foad Due Hatue Canggu
Topless mermaid with an Indonesian Batik pattern for scales

Artist: Foad | Studio: Duē Hatuē


You poor, poor princesses.

There are widespread stories about a certain Indonesian mermaid character and surprise! Just like the mythological mermaids of other oceans, she too is a beautiful heart-breaking soul-taker.

painting of nyi roro kidul

Nyi Blorong

In Javanese folklore, the mermaid form of sea goddess Nyai Roro Kidul is called Nyi Blorong or “Queen of the South Sea.”


Recognized by her green and gold outfit complete with a crown and cape, this female Indonesian mythological figure is a popular choice for a fantasy costume party. And just like other less modest mermaid costumes, know that choosing to dress up as putri duyung Nyi Blorong is still an excuse to look sexy, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing it or getting a tattoo of her.

Looking a bit like Cleopatra, dear “Roro” is often shown wearing gold jewelry in the shape of a snake and she sometimes has a Medusa thing going on with snakes in her crown.

The Sundanese version of the story says that Dewi Kadita became a fish when she was cast into the sea by black magic for making some regrettable choices. Harsh punishment.

Wikipedia has all the details about this shape-shifting seductress “The Javanese Spirit-Queen” and warns strongly against wandering seaward when wearing her color.

In her latest form, she appears as Hero Kadita Ocean Goddess in the online game Mobile Legends Bang Bang (click to open YouTube).

We haven’t recognized Indonesian mermaids in any Bali tattoos lately, but here’s a piece that fits nicely in this spot:

An artsy tattoo of a mermaid with a sun for a head, stars for nipples and an eel for a pet! We think the fin at the end of her tail is really something special.

Mermaid arm tattoo with fine lines, dotwork and delicate black shading

Artist: Batinta.tu | Studio: La Femme Tattoo House


Stories of Balinese mermaids have proven harder to find.

Balinese dragon-like sea serpents are called naga (they ain’t mermaids).

As some Hindu deities have a fish tail only now and then, maybe ‘mermaid’ isn’t considered a permanent classification for them.


‘Makara’ in Sanskrit

Makara refers to hybrid sea creatures in Hindu mythology.

Editing in progress!

Gajah Mina

If you’re seeing this message, please refresh your browser, come back soon or contact us. ~ Tattlas Bali Tattoo Guide

Gambar Gajah Mina - Illustration of green Balinese elephant sea monster on Fandom Indonesian Cryptids

This guy comes up on within a community forum dedicated to “cryptidz” which are creatures commonly defined in the context of something like…

Believe It Or Not?!

It serves as their main picture for Gajah Mina, described as an Indonesian fish-elephant sea monster.

Hindu Gajah Mina Statue Balinese Tattoo by Prima - Ma Tattoo Bali - Dec 2017
Balinese Hindu Gajah Mina Tattoo, Dec 2017

Artist: Prima | Studio: Ma Tattoo Bali

Finally! This explains the beastly statue on Pererenan Beach.

Pererenan Mermaid Statues:
Sitting atop a tall block base the size of a city building is a female figure riding a decorated elephant creature with what we were calling a mermaid tail. Word choice was the culprit of a total research fail until now.
There are also two finned goddess statues positioned like guardians at the end of the road to Pantai Pererenan.

Seminyak Mermaid Statues:
In seaside Seminyak, (Beginner Surf Central, Bali) somewhere amidst the bustle near Double-six beach, you can find a similar pair of mermaid maidens in Indonesian traditional dress.
And yes, Balinese Gajah Mina statues as well; a matching pair. Carved from limestone and painted with gold accents, each has essentially a curved scaled tail for a body rising up from a big elephant head at its base which is shaped and decorated with characteristically Balinese embellishments.

If you know more about Balinese and Indonesian mermaids, please share in the comments….

The next picture is the best example of a “Balinese mermaid tattoo” we could find!

Bali traditional tattoos by Adjul and Guntur Feb 2019
Modern Bali tattoo designs with iconic traditional style and color, Feb 2019

Artists: Adjul (grim reaper Vespa tattoo) and Gunz (Balinese mermaid) | Studio: Golden Yellow Tattoo Studio



anime mermaid tattoo by ladv be no square bali
Anime mermaid tattoo

Artist: LADV | Studio: Be No Square

Asian Mermaid tattoo by Azume Tattoo Studio Seminyak Bali
Tattoo of a captured and cut up Japanese mermaid

Shared by: Azume Tattoo Studio – Seminyak, Bali

Merman Samurai tattoo
Japanese Samurai warrior merman tattoo (in progress)

Artist: Jimmy Toge

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Mermaid flash by Ali B

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Flash sheet by Duē Hatuē

Then the hand

with the tattooed scales

waved good-bye


a voice

by the sea

whispered to me

“sampai jumpa lagi.”

Photo via Instagram @maria___kasta

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