Craving a unique tattoo?

Got that overwhelming desire for something new, but can’t quite imagine how you want it to look… forever? We feel your pain. We know the emotional distress that comes with deciding on a tattoo can cause more suffering than a buzzing tattoo machine.

When you are obsessed with a new concept that you can’t quite picture in your mind, you need an experienced tattoo artist who cares as much as you do, someone who is slightly tortured by their own compulsion for originality and perfection, someone who might dedicate more time to drawing your special design than actually tattooing it.

If that’s what you need, connect with Prima.

Realist portrait tattoo of child by Prima

His pieces have a special look – with imaginative composition, clean lines that sit perfectly on your shape and if you want his signature swirls (a mix of French filigree and Balinese patterns and that delicate oriental tattoo swoosh). They’re all balanced tattoos with just the right amounts of naked skin and ink.

Rose and roman clock tattoo, Prima, MA TATTOO BALI

Prima as well as the other artists and the staff at his flagship tattoo studio on Jl. Raya Kerobokan are a knock-out team of professionals always striving to provide 5-star facilities and service.

The swanky reception area is decorated floor-to-ceiling with certificates and awards from tattoo events around Indonesia and overseas (we admire his hard work and integrity almost as much as we like his artwork). Tattooing takes place behind a partition so you’re not on display for all foot traffic to see (egad, the list of things we love about this artist’s practice could go on and on).

By the way this post was not sponsored. And… update. This was well before Prima won “Best of the Best” but we won’t say told ya so.

MA Tattoo – Kerobokan, Bali

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